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A Movement Against Blindnes



The medical missions of 'Eye From Zion' bring medical aid and simultaneously transfer the message of mutual humanitarian aid in the spirit of the values of the State of Israel and the Jewish Heritage.

Since our founding in 2007, we have brought eyesight to thousands of people and trained hundreds of doctors around the globe. We have seen firsthand the impact that our work can have on people's lives.

The delegation of doctors and nurses from 'Eye From Zion' perform treatments and surgeries side by side with local medical teams in hospitals and clinics as well as in mobile treatment units (which can be used in the most remote places). Our mission members exchange knowledge with the local medical teams in modern medical techniques which will enable them to continue to function independently.

Our Values


Empathy at Our Heart

We're driven by an unwavering commitment to combat blindness, offering eye care to everyone irrespective of their financial standing. The right to vision is universal, and our every effort is channeled towards realizing that vision for all.



At our helm are Israel's finest ophthalmologists, selflessly dedicating their unmatched skills to enhance eye care quality. Our pursuit of excellence ensures that we continually refine our methodologies, touching more lives profoundly.



Collaboration is central to our ethos. By joining hands with local medical entities and allies, we amplify the sustainability and impact of our initiatives. Together, we cast a wider net of positive influence.



In the ever-evolving landscape of eye care, we're at the vanguard of innovation. Tirelessly crafting novel technologies and strategies, we aim to democratize access to affordable, top-notch eye care solutions.

Our Objectives


Screening & Surgeries

We pledge to offer the gift of sight by providing complimentary eye treatments, encompassing both screenings and surgical procedures. Led by esteemed Israeli Ophthalmologists, our efforts light up the lives of deserving patients in developing nations.


Doctoral Training

Our commitment goes beyond immediate care. We dedicate ourselves to elevating local medical teams by imparting our expertise. Through hands-on training, detailed surgical demonstrations, and exclusive educational programs within Israel's premier hospitals, we ensure they are poised to offer superior eye care to their communities.


Ambassadors of Goodwill

In every step we take, we proudly embody the spirit and values of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Our humanitarian endeavors not only extend sight but also exemplify the virtues of compassion and support, nurturing positive ties with the nations we assist.

"Eye from Zion is more than a humanitarian organization. It represents a life-changing journey driven by the Jewish value of Tikun Olam. This journey has spanned over fifteen years, often venturing into the most unexpected places. Hand in hand with our dedicated volunteers, doctors, and nurses, we have reached out to those in dire need, introducing them to the advancements of Western medicine. We've trained local doctors in the latest scientific innovations, technological breakthroughs, and cutting-edge techniques. Even after all these years, I'm still filled with immense excitement when we arrive at a new location, our vehicle bearing the flag of Israel, embodying our unique spirit and relentless pursuit to challenge the status quo and make a positive difference. While it may sound ambitious, we at Eye from Zion firmly believe that we can eradicate blindness globally and enhance the quality of life for millions. And we remain steadfast in our commitment, treating one patient at a time."                                                    

Nati Marcus, Founder

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