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A Few of Our Projects


Save Sight 1000:
A Beacon of Hope in Ethiopia

The 1000 Project in Ethiopia stands as a testament to this commitment. Venturing to Ethiopia with unwavering resolve, our dedicated team embarked on four medical delegations, successfully conducting no less than 1,000 sight-saving surgeries. Through these efforts, we touched the lives of countless individuals, granting them the priceless ability to see the world anew. It wasn't just about restoring vision; it was about reviving hope, reconnecting families, and rebuilding communities. Each surgical procedure was a step towards a brighter future, not just for the individuals treated but for the entire local community. Through The 1000 Project, Eye from Zion has sown seeds of change in Ethiopia, and we're humbled by the profound impact of our humanitarian journey.

The Myanmar Initiative:
Empowerment Through Knowledge & Skill
In the heart of Southeast Asia, Eye from Zion embarked on a transformative project in Myanmar. Recognizing that lasting change stems from empowering local communities, our initiative prioritized the enrichment of knowledge and capabilities of local medical teams. Not only we sent 7 missions to Myanmar, but a standout moment of this endeavor was the unique opportunity to train a female doctor from Myanmar in the cutting-edge medical facilities of Israel, a powerful testament to our belief in fostering cross-cultural collaboration and gender inclusivity. Venturing into the remote areas of the country, we endeavored to bring state-of-the-art technologies and pioneering surgical techniques directly to those most in need. By training local doctors with these advanced methods, we not only provided immediate aid but also ensured a sustainable impact, laying the groundwork for ongoing medical excellence in the region. Through our Myanmar project, Eye from Zion has transcended borders, merging technology with compassion to build bridges of hope and capability.

Kenya : Building Visions in Chuka District 

In the dynamic landscape of Kenya's Tharaka-Nithi district, in the regional hospital in Chuka town, Eye from Zion embarked on a monumental journey to reshape the future of ophthalmic care. Between the years 2016 and 2023, our dedicated team made seven pivotal delegations to this northern region, culminating in the establishment of a fully-equipped ophthalmology department within a public hospital. But our commitment went beyond infrastructure. Recognizing the invaluable potential of local expertise, we donated cutting-edge equipment and passionately invested in training local teams. Our hands-on approach allowed us to conduct a myriad of surgeries, ranging from routine procedures to intricate, complicated operations, showcasing our commitment to quality care for all. By training local doctors with a blend of advanced techniques and hands-on experiences, we've not only addressed immediate medical needs but have also planted the seeds for a sustainable ophthalmological future in Chuka. 
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