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MOR: Mobile Operating Room

Over the span of our dedicated 15-year journey, we've crafted specialized equipment tailored for challenging field conditions. Our crown jewel is the Mobile Ophthalmology Operating Room (MOR), positioning us at the forefront of global innovation. Our deep understanding of the needs in these regions continually drives us to devise effective solutions. In rural landscapes, ensuring sterilized and efficient environments for high-quality eye surgeries can be daunting. Yet, our mobile operating rooms bridge this gap. Offering superior quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, MORs have amplified the number of surgeries we can conduct. This innovation is more than just equipment – it's our commitment to restoring vision for countless individuals.

Take a closer look at MOR:

Eye-Care Truck


Our Eye Care Truck is a groundbreaking initiative that merges seamless mobility with unparalleled surgical expertise. Nestled within is a state-of-the-art operating chamber primed for all eye surgeries. Its adaptability means no location is too remote for us. From busy urban centers to remote terrains, our vehicle is a symbol of hope, bringing advanced eye care to those in the remotest corners of the world.

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